Wishtagger is the ultimate Social Network dedicated to gifting, a wish aggregator, and a place where you can stay in touch with friends exchanging gifts and getting inspired with new ideas.
Wishtagger is available for iOS and Android.

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About Wishtagger

Wishtagger is a Social Gifting platform, a community of people and a hub dedicated to wishes. Wishtager’s goal Is to follow people in the sharing and exchanging gifts’ process, accompanying them through all steps: from the search and inspiration phase to the purchase through mobile or via web.

Wishtagger’s social and functional features make it an always-on mobile tool voicing and answering pragmatic needs as well as those of pure community sharing.

Our motto: #SpreadYourWishes #SpreadYourWishes

Our Mission is to be ambassadors of people's wishes all around the world. Our Goal is to support them in intercepting, expressing, and spreading their wishes.
On a daily basis we offer a tool integrated with people's lives and with the simple gestures and activities they carry out each day, providing a service of global exchange of hopes, dreams and desires. Our belief is that behind every wish there is always something more than a tangible object: a specific need, a person, a unique and always special story.
We want to be part of this story and make it possible.
#Wishtagger #SpreadYourWishes

Wishtagger is available for iOs and Android: what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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